Material description: Usage of aprox. 1% of Cobalt, 1$ of Nickel and 0,5% of Berlium contains solutioning and aging heat treatment of hot forging with post-high hardness and strength obtained, of the copper alloys good thermal conductivity. The heat treatment conditions can be obtained by different combinations of displacement with the hardness and conductivity. 
Sphere of usage: Resistance welding electrodes, electrode holders and seam welding discs. Plunger Alümyum pressure casting, plastic injection molding machines, parts, and cooling spray nozzles are used as free standing insert. In non-ferrous metals, casting mold, mold cooling is used as a free standing insert. Good surface quality, uniform and rapid icrease in the rate of work due to the cooling properties, is highly resistant , so You will not be disappointed while using it in Your




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Welding Electrode For Panel Radiators Welding Line